Howard Stern Show – Annemarie, Courtney and Amanda Compete in Intern Beauty Pageant (PICS)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show on SiriusXM, Howard revisited another one of his pageants/contests from years past… the Intern Beauty Pageant. I remember hearing previously that that had a few years of just guys interning on the show, hence the disappearance of the segment. Competing this year were Annemarie, Courtney and Amanda.

Annemarie, Courtney and Amanda went through their different phases of judging, beauty personality and talent and were judged by the (motley) crew of Ronnie the Limo Driver Mund, Kevin the Sweaty Groper and Medicated Pete. You’ll know Kevin the Sweaty Groper from the Alexis Ford game last week where fans were able to grope her if she got questions wrong. Alexis Ford commented on how clammy his hands were after his grope.

Check out the full-sized pic of the contestants by clicking the thumbnail below. From left to right is Annemarie, Courtney and Amanda. The images below are from

When the judging was complete it was Amanda who was voted the 2012 Miss Howard Stern Intern. If you want to look at some other Howard Stern babes or real celebrity skin, be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions here.