Peyton Manning Doesn’t Take Responsibility for his Lackluster NFL Comeback

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning only connected on four of seven passes in Thursday night’s preseason debut against the Bears. Manning had a few moments of the Peyton of old connecting with Eric Decker on a couple dink and dunk passes.

All of NFL nation collectively held its breath looking for that long ball signaling Manning was the Manning of old. That moment never came. Peyton Manning who is famous for his arm strength and long ball looked a bit like “Captain Checkdown” last night. His first series with the Denver Broncos ended horribly.

Peyton missed Demaryius Thomas in the end zone. On his next pass, he threw the ball behind Brandon Stokley on the interception that ended his only series of the game.

After the game Peyton told the press “I thought we had some rhythm on offense, things we can build on and things we can improve on for sure,” Manning went on to declare. “Overall, I thought it was a decent start”.

Just to set things straight “We” didn’t miss Demaryius Thomas in the end zone or throw the ball behind Brandon Stokley. “We” also were not picked off in the red zone. If Peyton Manning thinks turning the ball over in the red zone is a decent start, this is gong to be a long disappointing season for Broncos fans.