Guitar Gear Review: The ToneRite Guitar 3G Makes Everything New Old Again

In the past 6 months, I have added two beautiful brand new guitars to my collection (yes the wife wants to kill me). The first being a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional a few months later I picked up a Ibanez Euphoria EP5.

The Gibson is reminiscent of the  Jimmy Page’s 1959 No. 1 Les Paul. To give the guitar a vintage vibe I replaced the cream pickup selector knob with an amber one. It looks cool but it made the guitar sound nowhere closer to Jimmy’s vintage axe.

I started reading blogs and articles about achieving a vintage tone when I came across the ToneRite. What this little marvel does is vibrate the strings of your guitar giving it a vintage vibe in under a couple of weeks. By vibrating the strings, every molecule in the guitar becomes active. This simulates years of playing on the instrument.

The secret behind the ToneRite® is its ability to continually produce and efficiently transfer vibrational energy into an instrument. ToneRite® safely recreates and magnifies the same physics that naturally occur while playing.

This stimulation generates a change to the instrument’s integrated components and increases the resonate together as a whole.  Not only will your instrument sound better, but the notes themselves will come easier and allow for playing difficult passages with less fatigue. The ToneRite® will result in added volume with a fuller and more balanced sound.

I first tested the ToneRight on my new acoustic guitar. Out of the box, the Ibanez Euphoria EP5 is a great sounding guitar, especially for the price. The Ibanez Euphoria EP5 is outfitted with a spruce top and mahogany neck giving it rich projection and great sustain.

After four days with the ToneRite the guitar dramatically changed. The Euphoria EP5’s bass was booming and the highs shimmered. The guitar also seemed noticeably louder. The dynamics of the guitar changed all around. Bell like notes chimed out with little effort.

The changes to my 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional where even more dramatic. The Les Paul Traditional is a perfect 10 of a guitar, however at times the bridge pickup can favor treble. After two weeks with the ToneRite I discovered it was not the electronics giving this brightness but the wood.

The Les Paul sounds so rich and full now, the sound is very round. The highs are still there but fuller and the bass is more pronounced, it sounds so balanced.  The sustain seems to go on for days and days. There is a true vintage vibe to this guitar. The ToneRite Guitar: 3G does all of this without wearing out your frets, nut or any other part of the guitar.

Therefore, like myself you are probably thinking that one treatment with the ToneRite and you are all set. In researching this device, what I found is if your guitar is not constantly played, it will eventually “fall asleep” in a month or two reverting to its original tone.  If you have an extensive collection of guitars like me, you simply do not have the time or bandwidth to play all of your favorite axes.

This makes the ToneRite a perfect tool for many applications. Touring musicians can use the ToneRite on guitars that have been locked away between tours. You session players can wake up a seldom-used random guitar needed for a unique session. Collectors can bring their NOS vintage finds back to life or wake up an old friend. Or you can use the ToneRite to jumpstart your first new guitar.

The ToneRite Guitar: 3G has a street price of $149.00 and will work on your nylon string, twelve string or just about any type of stringed instrument you have.