Karma Strikes Back: Lindsay Lohan Arrested in New York City

TMZ is reporting that troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested yet again. It is alleged that Lindsey hit a pedestrian in front of posh New York City hotel “Dream” last night. The pedestrian claims Lindsay’s passenger got out of the car to check for damage on the rented Porsche Cayenne, but never checked his well being. Lindsey’s camp is claiming the actress turned nude Playboy model didn’t even know she hit something. Lindsey is being charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

This just goes to show you that karma is a son-of-a-bitch! Just this week Lindsay took to Twitter to comment on Amanda Bynes’ situation. Voicing her outrage over Amanda Bynes not being thrown in jail for her driving issues. Though Amanda Bynes future is unknown we do know that Lindsay Lohan has already gone to jail for her antics behind the wheel.

It seems these two actresses are sadly partying their way out of Hollywood and leaving millions of dollars on the table. If I could give a suggestion, the two of them should join forces. Lindsay Lohan is a part-time lesbian maybe her and Amanda Bynes could get together and make a sextape. That would certainly get them back in the news in a more positive light. Let’s face it everyone on the planet has already seen Linday Lohan naked. Leaked or allegedly hacked cellphone pictures won’t do it. These two actresses need to make a splash…a sex tape is the only way to go.

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