Basketpong Combines Two of America’s Favorite Pastimes

With the dog days of summer in our rear view, we find ourselves house bound more and more. What I find myself missing most during the chillier month is my beloved game of basketball. The folks at have found a solution for my winter doldrums.

Basketpong combines two of my biggest loves, basketball and beer. BasketPong combines the principals of beer pong with the great game of basketball. You and your friends will find yourselves having a ball trading free throws for cold beers.

The great thing about BasketPong is the entire game comes in a self-contained carrying case. The backboard, base and all of the accessories unpack into a 6 foot pro-looking basketball backboard with 6 hoops. No longer do you have to drag along a 6 foot folding table to get a game of beer pong going.

The sleek setup saves space for you tailgaters, you frat boys can carry BasketPong from frat house to frat house. BasketPong retails for $99 for a half court setup and $179 for you folk ready for a full court game.