Watch Sunday Night NFL Football Streaming Free Online: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles have one of the most heated rivalries in all of professional sports. There is no love between these franchises or their fans. Tonight the New York Football Giants head into hostile territory as they face the Philadelphia Eagles at the “Linc”.

If you are in the mood for a hardcore defensive matchup this is the game to watch this week. The Giants defense has started the dialog and proclaimed they will get to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.  Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul told Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger “As a quarterback who runs a lot, you should expect to get hit even more even when you stand in the pocket. You’re going to get hit,”

Jason Pierre-Paul’s teammate defensive tackle Rocky Bernard also had comments about Vick stating . “You can’t take that many hits and survive in this league, so they’re going to have to change something.”

You would think after the New York Jets spin control of their Reggie Bush “Hot Sauce” comments last week these players would know to keep their mouths shut. If the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line feels the Giants are targeting their QB, this game could get chippy quick. Seeing the game is being played at the “Linc” it could get chippy in the stands as well as on the field.

Vegas odds makers are calling this a very close game with the spread shrinking to -1 in the Philadelphia Eagles favor. You can watch New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Sunday Night Football week 4 match-up live and for free

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