Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits To Tryst With Brigitte Nielsen

Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting it all out there in his new book. The former Governor of California is naming names in his first book. He lays it all on the line in regards to his romp with his maid during his marriage to Maria Shriver. He is also naming some of Hollywood’s biggest actresses of the 80’s as bed fellows.  It broke today that Arnold now admits he had sex with Flavor Flav’s ex than Brigitte Nielsen.

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger admits that not only did he cheat on Maria Shriver with the family’s housekeeper while the two were married, but he also cheated when they were dating and living together — and this time the other woman was none other than Brigitte Nielsen! In his new memoir, Total Recall

Now Arnold’s book seems that much more interesting. Did he smack Brigitte Nielsen on her naked ass and say “Hasta la vista, baby” as he dismounted her? Or was the sex so good Arnold gave her an “I’ll be back”?. There are also things Brigitte Nielsen could tell us. Did Arnold have “roid weenie”?

If you want to see what the Governator was actually hitting, Brigitte Nielsen was nude in the movies Domino and Bye Bye Baby. Mr. Skin has video clips and screen caps from both films here.  Just in-case you want to take a look at Brigitte Nielsen’s massive surgically enhanced boobs.  It looks like Arnold has put it all out there the only thing left is a sex tape.