Justin Bieber Pukes on Stage in Arizona (Video)

Justin Bieber must have had his ears finally cleaned. It appears that mid performance the little puke, puked. I am thinking he finally heard his music clearly and started throwing up in disgust. The thought of attending a Justin Justin Beiber concert is my vision of hell incarnated. If I have a chance to attend a Justin Bieber where I could watch him throw lunch on stage that would be heaven on earth.

From TMZ.com – Justin Bieber must have come down with a real severe case of Bieber Fever last night in Glendale, AZ … because in the middle of his concert … he PUKED ON STAGE!!!

The show was the first on his new “Believe” tour and even though he was forced to leave the stage twice due to illness, the show went on.

Bieber apologized to the crowd for being sick, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind too much and cheered him on throughout.

If you watch the video closely you can almost make out what he had for lunch. It looks like Poutine. Poutine is a Canadian favorite, made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese. I would have given Justin Bieber props if he busted in to a chorus of Gravy, Gravy, Gravy after the incident.