Renee Olstead Slips a Nip with a Nipple Ring (PICS)

Our good friends at dug up this cleavage challenged picture of actress/singer Renee Olstead. Those of you that watch ABC Family (I am guessing not too many of you on this site) will recognize her from the series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. The rest of you may remember Renee Olstead as Lauren Miller, the daughter of Jami Gertz on the sitcom “Still Standing”

It seems the paparazzi caught Renee Olstead busting out of her dress, complete with nipple ring. Renee Olstead has blocked other lascivious pictures from hitting the web in the past but it looks like these pics are here to stay.

Some of you may remember that Renee Olstead was part of the lawsuit against hacker Christopher Chaney. Christopher Chaney hacked the cellphones and email accounts of over 50 celebrities and circulated personal and nude photographs of many of them including Scarlett Johansson.  Seeing the pictures were obtained during a criminal act for the most part they have been removed from the web.

This time around there is no criminal act, just Renee Olstead walking down the street with her nipple hanging out. You can check out the uncensored photo here.

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