BunnyRanch Owner Offers Those Accused In Zumba Prostitution Case Free Legal Sex

Dennis Hof, owner of “The BunnyRanch” legal Nevada brothel, has a novel idea to help those charged in the Maine “Zumba” prostitution case: Come work out at his gym for free. 29-year-old Alexis Wright is accused of turning her Zumba fitness studio into a brothel, and a judge has released the names of 21 of her accused clients.

Hof says engaging in an illegal act in one state that is completely legal in his is once again unnecessarily ruining lives of those affected. “What they were reportedly doing will brand them as criminals, causing humiliation to loved ones,” said Hof. “Here at The BunnyRanch that same activity would be legal and discretion is guaranteed. I’ll bet these guys wish they would’ve sprung for the cost of a plane ticket to Nevada.”

Hof sees himself in a unique position to help those affected. “A lot of people don’t know this, but for years I have maintained a fully-equipped gym for my girls and their clients, complete with several full-time personal trainers here at The BunnyRanch,” he explained. “When I saw the circumstances surrounding this case, I realized that we have a completely legal version of exactly what these guys were looking for.”

BunnyRanch owner Dennis Hof is offering anyone who can prove that they are among those accused in the Zumba studio prostitution case a free month of Zumba classes at his private gym, along with a free pass to engage in legal sex with one of The BunnyRanch girls.
“As luck would have it, we even have a few sex workers who also double as fitness instructors, and I think their faces will be familiar to you,” explained Hof. Joslyn James, known to the world as Tiger Woods’ mistress, is currently working at The BunnyRanch, and spending off hours conducting fitness classes at The BunnyRanch gym. Ditto for Sunny Lane, an award-winning XXX porn star. “Often times, girls will need a job to transition to from the sex industry. We’re even prepared to offer Ms. Wright a position with us to help offset her legal costs.”

Hof reiterates his seriousness about this offer. Anyone wanting to take advantage of this opportunity will have their anonymity protected. Eligible participants can contact him directly at dennis@bunnyranch.com or 775-720-9090.

SOURCE Dennis Hof, owner of The BunnyRanch