WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Pay-Per-View Preview

Tonight’s WWE Hell in a Cell looks to become an instant pay-per-view pro wrestling classic. The undefeated Ryback vs. WWE Champion CM Punk in a long awaited title match. WWE Chairman Vince McMahonis a huge Ryback fan but that is not a deciding factor in this matchup. CM Punk has ruled the WWE for the past year as champion, some feel it is time for this rein to come to an end. Tonight does not have to me the end of that rein.

I have a feeling Ryback will be dealt a controversial defeat tonight at the hands of CM Punk.  Punk has won a total of 11 championships he will be the first to tell you “luck is for losers”. I expect to see CM Punk do everything and anything he can to keep the championship out of the hands of Ryback. I see this ultimately being settled at the Royal Rumble later in the year.

Tonight we will also see CM Punk’s old tag team partner  Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston defend his belt against Miz. This is a belt Miz lost to Kofi Kingston during a Main Event match. There is clearly no love between these two titans of the ring.

While the CM Punk vs. Ryback and Kofi Kingston vs. Miz matchups seem to be generating most of the buzz for tonights match lets not forget we also have a World Heavyweight Championship Match featuring Sheamus vs. The Big Show.

Will the world’s largest athlete be able to hold off the younger Irish warrior? Sheamus is younger, faster and in much better shape than the hulking giant is. Still the Big Show is the Big Show. Wrestling Big Show Paul Wight is like trying to take down a tank. There is not much you can do that will faze the Big Show, let alone bring him down.

Also tonight every WWE fan will be glued to their TV for Eve, Kaitlyn and Layla battling in a Triple Threat Match for Eve’s Divas Title.