MLB World Series Game 4 Preview: Giants at Tigers

The odds makers thought this to be unimaginable with the Detroit Tigers coming into the 2012 World Series as the favorite but tonight in game 4 it looks like we are could be watching the underdog San Francisco Giants sweep the home team.

Detroit cannot seem to come up for an answer against the Giant’s pitching and that just might send the Motor City boys of summer golfing on Monday morning. This is a city that desperately needs a championship and if the Tigers can’t deliver it there are slim chances the Lions, Pistons or Red Wings will.

The Giants refuse to even talk about the “S” word and neither will the odds makers. Despite being up 3-0 the Giants are still the underdog coming into this games. Yet we are not hearing the gum flapping from the Giants players you would typically hear from their NFL counterparts.

It seems the San Francisco Giants are looking to earn their respect by showing up on the baseball diamond and not by tweeting disdain for the lack of respect for their team. This truly shows the amount of class that MLB has over the social networking idiots of the NFL.

So sweep or not this looks to be yet another Fall classic. I see the Giants walking away with this one You can watch the San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball World Series game 3 match-up on FOX or online streaming, find out where at