Watch NFL Monday Night Football Streaming Live Online Free: 49ers at Cardinals

If you are getting ready to settle in and watch tonight’s Monday Night Football game live on ESPN take to heart what I have been saying all season.   The 49ers have to be one of, if not the most balanced teams in the NFL. When I talk about balance, I am not just talking about offence and defense. The coaching, front office, and organization as a whole.

The 49ers offense is lethal; the defense is unforgiving and punishing. This is not the game the MNF game the Arizona Cardinals were hoping for to turn their season around. The Cards came out of the gates swinging at the beginning of the season.  They beat the Seahawks in the opener and went on to shock the Patriots and Eagles. After the Cardinals overtime win against the Dolphins, they looked like the team to watch.

The Cardinals then started a losing slide against the Rams, Bills and Vikings and most likely they will not pull out of this nose dive tonight against the San Francisco 49ers. It is strange that Arizona’s woes started when quarterback Kevin Kolb went down with 2 minutes left in the Buffalo Bills OT loss.

Strange because Kolb only got the starting job after starter John Skelton sprained his ankle. Now Skelton is Rich Rodriguez’ quarterback by default and I am guessing Rich Rodriguez fondly missed the glory days of having Kolb on the field.

If you cannot read between the lines, I am calling this game in the favor of the San Francisco 49ers. Typically, I am a believer in the “any given Sunday” mantra, but I see no way in hell for the Arizona Cardinals to pull out a win. You can watch the San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals Monday Night Football match-up live here .

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