South Carolina Mother Caught on Tape Giving Her Toddler Weed! (Video)

This has to be the mother of the year candidate. Our friends at World Star Hip Hop posted this video of a mother not only smoking pot with her toddler on her lap but also actually letting the kid smoke the marijuana. This woman is so stupid on so many levels I may not be able to state them all.

Firstly, giving your child drugs is so off all moral compasses. There is a special place in hell for people like this woman. I would like to smack the crap out of people that smoke with their teenagers let alone a toddler. Secondly, committing a crime on video tape is moronic. It takes a special kind of stupid to tape yourself breaking the law.

Now that the video has been uploaded to the web I am sure child services will get involved. I am expecting a modest jail stay and her being stripped of her custodial rights. Anything less would be in injustice to the child.

I am guessing this woman will be in custody by the end of the day. Hopefully the child will land with someone that will nurture and love him. We can expect the mother to tell us in court how much she loves her child and would never hurt him. The video shows contrary to that statement.