NFL Week 9 Deadly-Accurate Free Expert Picks and Predictions and Week 8 Recap

That’s 8 weeks in the 2012 NFL season down, and after week 9, we will officially be past the halfway mark. Unreal how fast this is going. The grand prize kegerator is within your grasp!

The further we delve into the season, the more “contenders” are being revealed as pretenders. A few birds come to mind in the pretender category… the Cardinals, Eagles and Seahawks. The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks were getting slobbered over due to their defenses, which were winning games by themselves. The Cardinals started the season 4-0, but have managed to drop their last 4 games bringing them down to Earth at the 500 mark. Seattle has lost their last 2. The pre-season-over–hyped Eagles, with a rebuilt defense and healthy offense, started off 3-1, but lost their last 3 to fall to a losing record at 3-4. The Cardinals and Seahawks could win a few more with their defenses, but the Eagles appear to be spiraling out of control.


The national experts may have been wrong about those teams, but our members have not been… picking them like they see them. We had another good pick week by our members, with one member winning the week outright with only two incorrect picks, and then a large portion of other entrants getting only 3 or 4 wrong. Our week 8 winner, with 12 correct picks, is bdonovan8407. The name of the game is “Beat the House”, and the House was able to pick 10 games right, which is right in-line with the collective. Since it was a pretty difficult week to pick, we are going to award the double-movie prize pack to bdonovan8407. Congrats.

Now, on to week 9. “The House” has already posted his picks and they are available for your review at the Beat the House results page. They will be the only picks not blacked out other than your own. Take a look and then make your own picks if you haven’t already.

There are plenty of prizes to still win if you haven’t entered our Beat the House contest yet. There is a prize to be awarded each week, and we have been announcing special and random prizes as well. This year, the grand prize of a kegerator, from, isn’t just being awarded to the entrant with the most correct picks… we are instituting a playoff-style runoff at the end of the season based on a combination of the best picks and some wild cards.

We’ve already awarded one wild card, so keep entering to secure the next one. See the Beat the House official rules page for all of the details and specific rule changes.

Good Luck!