2 Broke Girls’ Kat Dennings Topless Photos Leaked

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. A couple of years ago, pictures of Kat Dennings were leaked. No one seemed to care at the time. Now that she is on a hit CBS comedy, I am guessing the response to these pictures will be a little different.

One thing these pictures DO show is Kat Dennings has packed on a few pounds over the past two years. She can be seen in these waist up nude pics with a tiny waist and her trademark huge boobs. So now that we have seen these pictures again, I am wondering if anyone can dig up anything new?

I am sure you TMR readers would love to see some naked pics of Kat Dennings’ costar Beth Behrs. But alas, none seem to be out there. As long as 2 Broke Girls keeps crushing it in the ratings I don’t expect you will see Beth Behrs’ tiny tits naked anytime soon. That is, unless she is stupid enough to keep naked photos on her phone like Kat Dennings.

EDIT: Links to Photos removed

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