Nude Activist Gypsy Taub Goes Naked In The Courtroom! (Video)

A nude activist named Gypsy Taub disrobed during a public hearing in San Francisco. It seems that the activist was trying to amend San Francisco’s public nudity laws. For those of you that have never been to the Bay City, San Francisco has the highest concentration of nuts I have ever seen in my life. This is coming from a guy that lives in Yazoo, Mississippi! If Yazoo, MS and San Francisco had a “Or nuts are crazier than yours nuts contest” San Francisco would win hands down.

I get the feeling that this might have been more of a publicity stunt for Gypsy Taub than a political statement. If you look at Ms. Taub’s twitter page @gypsytaub she is promoting two porn sites she owns one is a pay-site.

Gypsy Taub’s pay site is dedicated to “all natural hairy girls and real couples”. So in a nutshell it is a porn site full of coffee baristas, farmer’s market workers and bong salespeople that refuse to take a razor to any part of their bodies. I know it gets cold in San Francisco, but isn’t a bit too early for “winter bush”? Gypsy Taub looks like she could hide a sniper’s nest between her legs. Seriously the woman looks like she has Buckwheat in a leg lock. Don’t take it from me check out the NSFW video for yourself.

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