Thursday Night NFL Football – Streaming Live Online Free Options and Game Preview

Tonight on the week 10 edition of Thursday Night NFL Football, the Jacksonville Jaguars play host to their fellow AFC North Indianapolis Colts. The Jaguars find themselves with a (tied for ) league-worst 1-7 record while the Colts come to town sitting at 5-3. You see your streaming live online free broadcast options for the game below.

No one had much faith in either of these teams when the season started. The Colts had just flushed Peyton Manning and were starting anew with a fresh-faced rookie quarterback and the Jags… well, the Jags just aren’t very good. To everyone’s surprise, Indianapolis appears to be in the top-tier of AFC teams. If the season ended today (I bet you haven’t heard that expression before) to Colts would be a playoff team. All the credit is going the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Andrew Luck.

After beating a tough Miami defense last week, the buzz already started… Andrew Luck is an MVP candidate. Well, there is still a ton of football left to be played, including two games against the lights-out Houston Texan defense, but credit is definitely due. Luck appears to be the real deal, and there is only one direction to go with his talents.

The Jaguars are on the bottom rung of NFL defenses, appearing near to bottom of most stat categories. Normally, the opinion would be to throw a balanced attack against an equally weak run and pass defense, but Colts simply don’t run the ball. So be on the lookout for another air attack courtesy of Andrew Luck, who is just coming off a 400+ yard performance.

And now to list the Jaguars strengths…

There are few streaming broadcast options for you so you can watch the game live online for free if you can’t tune in to the NFL Network. First off, you can always head over to the official NFL streaming page to see what your legitimate options are there. There are also many free NFL online streaming international sites such as the First Row, that can be found fairly easily.