International Oddities Perfects Krypto Beer

International Oddities announces after many years of trial and error they have finalized their Krypto beer formulation and process and will be preparing this new beverage for general release to the public.

The smoking industry has been turned inside-out time and again over the last 30+ years with extraordinarily innovative advancements in herbal technologies from International Oddities, the forerunner and creator of what has been referred to as the Legal Bud market. But now, this forward thinking company has set its sights on the release of their latest advancement, a new beverage they affectionately refer to as Krypto beer.

The public release of this new drink is designed to change the beverage industry in the same way that International Oddities’ herbal smokes and legal buds have changed the smoking market. They will be sure to turn heads with their strange brew. The energy drink market followed innovations by companies like International Oddities, and some could say even based their formulas and motivations on prior I.O. products. If the past is any indicator of future events, the release of Krypto beer will surely change everything the current beverage industry expects in a satisfying liquid concoction.

The exotic and esoteric nature of the International Oddities product line has landed the company in dozens of major feature films, and in fact, they just recently celebrated their 50th appearance in a Hollywood flick. Although there have been no inquiries into the placement of Krypto beer within any current Hollywood productions, such possible exposure may or may not be what the company is going for with this latest project.

Company representative Bill Black states, “the release of a new type of drink will further expand the company’s consumer base into a more mainstream market.” It is true that International Oddities has succeeded in changing some consumers attitudes regarding the role of smoking in society, and with the upcoming release of a universal beverage with such wide appeal, it will surely expand their brand into a household name.

Although the company could roll out its bizarre beverage at any time, International Oddities remarks that in the interest of honoring their new creation by presenting it in the best light to the masses, the company will forgo immediate distribution until negotiations are complete. This way they can approach all markets simultaneously worldwide while maintaining the current demand on their classic smoking line which has enjoyed immense success over the past 30+ years and running.

Any astute social climber may inquire if this new Krypto beer-style beverage actually has any components related to the marijuana plant. Again Bill Black, director of R&D of International Oddities states “With the matter of legality duly noted, we will honor the best mother nature has to offer while providing a positive consumer experience free of controversy in all materials. Although we work with a wide diversity of exotic botanicals and overlooked plants throughout our smoking line, we will follow the same essential formula when releasing our sacred Krypto beer beverage. This means we will respect all powerful plants within mother nature’s kingdom, but find no need to utilize them in our exotic product lines.”

Look for Krypto beer and its distinct mermaid logo at a future celebration where good cheer and a mellow fun-filled time will be guaranteed for all.

About International Oddities:
International Oddities, a 30+ year company, is the originator of the Legal Herbal Smoking Industry with foundational products such as Ultra Wizard Smoke and Krypto Bud. Having coined the term “Legal Bud” several decades ago, International Oddities has been the inspiration of many “copycat” online stores. To see more innovations from the creative enterprise of International Oddities click here. Their legal buds can also be seen in many of the top Hollywood movies and TV shows today when a smoking scene is called for, and are sold in stores world wide.