New Book on Poker Tells Being Hailed as “Best Ever”

A new book on the analysis of poker behavior is being called by many the best work on the subject. The book, Reading Poker Tells, is an instructional guide for interpreting the physical and verbal behavioral patterns, or “tells,” of poker players. It was written by former professional poker player Zachary Elwood and published by Portland, Oregon publisher Via Regia.

Elwood said he was inspired to write a book on poker tells when he realized that previous books treated the subject too simplistically and that none had gone into enough detail about the “subtleties and complexities of human behavior at the poker table.”

The book has received enthusiastic reviews from both recreational and experienced poker players. Mason Malmuth, author and co-owner of respected poker publishing house Two Plus Two, said Reading Poker Tells was “clearly the best book on this aspect of live play.”

Philip Newall, professional poker player and author of The Intelligent Poker Player, called the book a “clear winning investment for any frequent live player.”

One unique aspect of the book is its organization of poker tells into situational categories, such as “waiting-for-action” and “post-bet.” In the words of the author, “without a good mental framework for thinking about poker behavior, you’re apt to be overwhelmed with the amount of ‘noise’ at the table.”

The Reading Poker Tells paperback is currently available at most major online book sellers and select brick-and-mortar bookstores. The ebook is available on several websites, including the publisher’s website. The ebook comes as a bundle of three common ebook file formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.