Week 10 NFL Picks Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

Last week left us high and dry. We are now 16-13 (I counted the Cowboys moneyline and ATS losses as two seperate losses) and +8.35. It is never fun to lose everybet you make in a week but it happens. One must role with the punches and move on. That is what we will do.

Jets +7 -110 (3 units): Is there a team more bi-polar then the Jets ? Probably not. They crush the Colts, lose a heart breaker to New England, then get crushed by the Vikings. This is clearly a must win for the Jets, they are coming off of a bi week. I think the Jets defense holds strong and keeps this a close game decided in the 4th quarter. A big loss to the Seahawks will put several Jets jobs in jepordy.

Bears PK -125 (3 units): Look at this. Two of the teams from the “One of these 5 teams will win the Super Bowl” Guarentee are 7-1 and playing each other. They were my two surprise teams aswell … so .. SURPRISE! These teams are for real. So who do I pick right now ? I am going with the Bears of course. I think the Texans have a better offense, but the Bears defense is just disgusting. The Texans look like an unmoveable wall on defense, which is good, but the Bears resemble one of those Indiana Jones walls with the spikes…. the ones that come towards you. Should be a fun time for all though !

Rams +13.5 (3 units): This line has been climbing up. It opened around +11. Course, there really isnt that much of a difference between 11 and 13.5 , but if you can get it to cross that magical number of 14 before the game starts, i would grab it. The 49ers have probably the best defense in the league. They have the best rushing game aswell. The Rams are not as bad as people think though. Short of that blowout loss to the Pats, and a beating from the Bears, this team has hung tough in all of their games. This one today wreaks of a backdoor cover.  I think the Rams need to score 13 point in order to cover this spread.

Broncos ML -200  (2 units): A non conference road game seems like the perfect spot for a let down game, but I just can not see it. Living in Denver, I see alot of the Broncos. They are clicking now. The defense is stopping teams while the offense puts up som big numbers. I think they will giver Carolinas offense fits and nickle and dime the Panthers defense. I am going to go ML because at the end, this one may be settled by a FG, but I think the Broncos pull it out.

There you have you it! Happy Veterans day to all of our Vets and a special Happy Veterans day to all the poor unforunate bastards who had to serve and go to Iraq with me ! I rememeber us all waking up at 3 am to go watch football on Sundays …. that was the year Dallas got blown out by the Eagles in a loser goes home Finale. Thanks for wasting my time Dallas ! Heres to hoping Dallas gets a little vengance today ! Enjoy!