Sunday Night NFL Football – Streaming Live Online Free Options and Game Preview

Tonight on the week 10 edition of Sunday Night NFL Football, we get to watch what many people are calling a dress rehearsal for this year’s Super Bowl. You can see your streaming live online free broadcast options for the game below.

The Chicago Bears and Houston Texans are two of the most dominating teams in the NFL. Both teams have punishing defenses. Chicago’s Tillman is proving himself to be the premier CB in the NFL. This is despite the Jets Antonio Cromartie self-appointing himself to that role. Charles Tillman seems to be on pace to be crowned Defensive Player of the Year, unless the honor goes to another player taking the field tonight.

The Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt is the epiphany of old-school football. The U of Wisconsin defensive end has been badgering quarterbacks since entering the league last year. Watts has the supporting cast of Tim Dobbins, Shaun Cody, and Brooks Reed to help put pressure on Jay Cutler tonight. The Texans also have a more that serviceable secondary. Tonight’s game looks to be the Chicago Bear’s biggest challenge so far this year.

Chicago has upped their passing game this year. The addition of bipolar receiver Brandon Marshall is taking the heat off speedster Devin Hester. Marshall’s addition still doesnt make the Bear’s offence look anywhere as good as the Texan’s star-studded receiving corp. Wide receivers Andre Johnson. Kevin Walter and tight end Owen Daniels give Matt Schaub more than enough lethal targets. When you add running back, Arian Foster who racked up 617 receiving yards last year for over 11 yards per reception, there is no doubt the Bear’s secondary will be busy tonight.

There are few streaming broadcast options for you so you can watch the game live online for free if you can’t tune in to the NFL Network. First off, you can always head over to the official NFL streaming page to see what your legitimate options are there. There are also many free NFL online streaming international sites such as the First Row, that can be found fairly easily.