NFL Week 10 Monday Night Football: Free Live Online Streaming Options and Preview – Chiefs at Steelers

Last night’s Sunday Night Football contest between the Bears and Texans was a made-for-prime time match-up featuring two top defenses in the league and teams with matching 7-1 records. It was a great game to watch. Tonight’s week 10 Monday Night football contest? Not so much. Se below on how you can stream tonight’s game live online for free.

For the final game of week 10, the Kansas City Chiefs and their 1-7 record head into Pittsburgh to face the Steelers. No one has much hope for the Chiefs, including the Vegas oddsmakers who have set the spread for them at +13. Their defense can’t stop anyone, surrendering a 30 point average per game, and the offense can’t get on the board, averaging only 16.6 points per game. Most opponents enjoy playing the Chiefs since it is a good opportunity to pad their season stats.

The Steelers haven’t been playing the type of football we’re accustomed to seeing from them, but they appear to be heading in the right direction. After a 3-2 start, Pittsburgh has managed to win three in a row including a come-from-behind win against the Giants in New Yor… I mean Jersey. It’s November, so getting hot now is not a bad thing. The Steelers still have the injury bug to contend with though.

If it isn’t obvious by reading the last two paragraphs, we’re taking the Steelers and the points tonight. It should be a romp. Viewership is going to nothing in the second half as everyone bails on the game to go to bed. Who picked this as a Monday Night Game?

There are a few streaming broadcast options for you so you can watch the game live online for free if you can’t tune in to ESPN. First off, you can always head over to to see what your legitimate options are there, online via various available apps for your tablet or phone. There are also many free NFL online streaming international sites that can be found fairly easily.