Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girls Thank Mark Sanchez for Finally Having a Good Game

New York Jets’ starting quarterback Mark Sanchez is no stranger to criticism. The fans, as well as the local and national press have been giving him hell for both his personal and the Jets’ mediocre season. With Tim Tebow waiting behind him, ready to play, and football fans ready to see him play, the criticism of Sanchez was cranked up a notch after the Jets’ week 10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Fortunately for Sanchez and the Jets, week 11 was kinder to them as they beat down the St. Louis Rams 27-13. Sanchez hasn’t received much national praise for his rare good game, but one select group of fans did take notice…

The girls of Rick’s Cabaret in New York City, the famous three story gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan, are thanking Mark Sanchez for finally posting a good game by wearing his jersey. “We were worried about Mark Sanchez for a little while there,” said Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Christina. “We love the Jets and Sanchez is our quarterback–but he has not been playing well. But against the Rams he was awesome, and he showed everyone what he is capable of.”

Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Mackenzie agreed, adding, “I’m so glad he had a good game because people were starting to doubt him and you know what that means. It was almost goodbye Sanchez, hello Tebow. Now that won’t happen.” Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Amber admitted, “I don’t really know anything about football, but Mark Sanchez looks really cute in his uniform, so I’m rooting for him too.”

Check out the girls of Rick’s Cabaret below as they show off their Mark Sanchez jerseys. Don’t worry guys, if you go and see them, they won’t wear those jerseys for very long:

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