Larry Hagman Dead at 81

Beloved actor Larry Hagman has passed away at the age of 81. Many will remember Hagman for his work on the hit TV series “Dallas” in the 80s. While another generation will reflect back to laughs he brought as Major Nelson on the NBC hit television show “I Dream of Jeanie”.

According to the LA Times by his own admission, Hagman drank his way through “Dallas.” Champagne was “his poison” — he would uncork a bottle by 9 a.m. and keep the bubbly flowing all day. Hagman’s drinking got so bad he once poured bourbon on his cornflakes.

Hagman’s passion for partying began well before his Dallas days. He was introduced to marijuana by fellow actor Jack Nicholson in the 70’s. The infamous party boy later got turned onto LSD by legendary musician David Crosby. Like David Crosby, Hagman’s debaucheries lead to cirrhosis of the liver and eventually a liver transplant.

Sleep well Larry, thanks for all the laughs and decades of great television.