Watch NFL Monday Night Football – Free Live Online Streaming Options and Preview – Week 12

The week 12 edition of NFL Monday Night Football features two teams with a combined five wins. Yes, more than half the league has as many, or more, wins than these two teams do combined. If you take the Kansas City Chiefs out of the league, the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers are the two lowest-scoring teams in the NFL. Even after they play tonight’s game, they will still be two of the lowest scoring teams in the NFL. If you have decorated your house for the holidays, as well as done all of your shopping already, and you have nothing else to do you can watch tonight’s game on ESPN, or read on to see how you can stream it live online for free.

Both the Eagles and Panthers had much higher hopes for the 2012 season than what they have to date. It was a foregone conclusion that Philadelphia would have an improved year since they finished at 8-8 last season. Well, here we are at week 12 and they have to win every one of their remaining games to improve their record by 1 win. Good luck, guys.

The Panthers had a nice season in 2011 with Cam Netwon’s debut. Newton sparked them to 6 wins after winning only 2 in 2010. They’ll need to win 4 of their last 6 games to match last season’s performance. That is actually a manageable task since they still get to play the three teams in the AFC West not named the Denver Broncos. Oh, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

To give you an idea of how far from grace the Eagles have fallen, the 2-8 Carolina Panthers are heading into Philadelphia, in prime time, as 3-point favorites.

We don’t expect to see much interest in the game tonight, but if you’d like to see the Philadelphia Eagles get scored upon at will, there are a few broadcast options for you so you can watch the game streaming live online for free if you can’t tune in to ESPN. First off, you can always head over to to see what your legitimate options are there online via various available apps for your tablet or phone. There are also many free NFL online streaming international sites that can be found fairly easily.