Watch NFL Thursday Night Football: Free Online Live Streaming Options and Preview

This week 13 edition of NFL Thursday Night Football should be a good one. If you can’t catch it on the NFL Network, make sure you check out all the free online live streaming options. When these two teams met last, the Atlanta Falcons were undefeated at 8-0 and the New Orleans Saints were 3-5 a step away from fading into oblivion for the 2012 season.

Only two games have passed since that meeting, so that game is still fresh in both teams’, and both cities’ minds. The Falcons went back to their winning ways and won both games since, but they were narrow victories against middle-of-the-road teams. If they want to keep the (new) streak alive, they have to do better if they want to keep pace with the Saints’ offense.

After beating Atlanta, the Saints went to Oakland and dropped 38 on the Raiders to bring their record to an even 5-5. The football world then started talking about the Saints as the “team to watch out for”. Unfortunately, the week after they hosted the San Francisco 49ers as the Colin Kaepernick experience began. The Saints could not keep defenders away from Drew Brees, sacking him 5 times and pressuring him on countless others.

The Falcons are currently a home favorite at -3.5. They need to buckle down and win this one, using the Niners’ performance from last week as a blueprint. Unfortunately, they don’t have the personnel that the Niners have, but few other teams in the NFL do.

If anything, it should be a great prime time football game. Even though the Saints won the first match up, it was a good, close game and only a 4-point victory. Expect much of the same tonight, so make sure you watch.

There are few streaming broadcast options for you so you can watch the game live online for free if you can’t tune in to the NFL Network. First off, you can always head over to the official NFL streaming page to see what your legitimate options are there. There are also many free NFL online streaming international sites that can be found fairly easily.