Review: Audio Mixing Boot Camp

The second book in Bobby Owsinski’s new series “Audio Mixing Boot Camp” from Alfred Music Publishing surpassed all of my expectations. Bobby covers the science of mixing in a fresh and intuitive way. As expected, the book delves into the fundamentals of sliding faders and tuning knobs. Where this text really shines is Bobby Owsinski explains in non-technical language what is happening as you are adjusting your mix.

The book covers music listening and analysis as it teaches you how to “visualize” your mix. The book also touches on basic arranging principles. Owsinski not only shows the reader how to identify the “groove” in a song but also how to create a “groove”. The author also explains how to use sound “pads” to tie together the mix, and punch up the most important elements in your arrangement.

Audio Mixing Boot Camp also talks about coloring your mix and giving it depth. Not only does Bobby Owsinski explain reverbs and delays but also the origins of plate, hall and chamber reverbs. The book also show the reader how to apply reverb to the mix without losing the definition of the individual instruments.

I was especially happy to see the section covering choruses, flanges, phases and other modulation effects. Many musicians simply do not have a solid understanding of what their effects are actually doing. The age old mystery on the difference of tremolo and vibrato is finally reveled.

The book is well written and a great text for the novice or pro. Once again it is accompanied with a dynamite DVD that is well produced and visually explains all of the concepts in the book. This is a must read for any musician with an interest in home recording or getting ready to start a recording project.