NFL Week 14 Laser-Accurate Free Expert Picks and Predictions and Week 13 Recap

The NFL has completed 13 weeks of the 2012 season? Seriously? What is serious is that it is December and three starting quarterbacks, fresh out of the 2012 NFL draft, have their teams in serious contention for playoff spots.

Most talk is being dominated by the incredible seasons that the #1 and 2 overall picks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, are having, but a QB from that class has entered the talks. Russell Wilson fell to the third round of the draft, but he is playing like first round talent as the Seattle Seahawks would be in the playoffs if the season ended today.

The three QBs all led their teams to huge victories in week 13 and they appear to be getting better with each play. These last four games should be fun to watch if they continue to play lights-out football in December.

As for our Beat the House contest, the House continues to struggle and was beaten like a red-headed step child again in week 13. We had two contestants tie with 13 correct picks this week. The tiebreaker is overall picks on the season, and only one overall pick separated the top two. artemisdouglas is the winner of the tie-breaker and the movie prize pack. Since Steely_McBeam70 has put forth such a good effort this week and all previous weeks, we will award him a TMR Zoo custom beer pong triangle set. Congrats guys!

Now on to the week 13 picks and predictions… The House has a lot of ground to gain with the members, so he’s going out on a limb with a few picks this week, but not too far. The most debated pick so far is the Falcons over the Saints. The Saints beat them once already, and in New Orleans, but it is not likely to happen again in Atlanta… even though the Saints appear to have their number by winning 11 of their last 13 meetings.

For the rest of the week 14 Free Expert Picks and Predictions, visit the BTH results page and the House picks will be the only picks shown. then click the link below to enter your own:


Two Wild Card playoff spots have already been awarded, and a third is on the table for the next contestant who can win two separate weeks between now and the end of the season. There is still plenty of time to secure a playoff spot.

If you haven’t figured out the “Beat the House” contest yet, this season, having the most correct picks doesn’t guarantee you the grand prize, a kegerator from, so the field is wide open. We have instituted a playoff-style runoff at the end of the season that will include 16 winning entrants. The top 10 players with the most correct picks automatically make the playoffs, and there will be 6 additional “wild card” playoff spots. Two of those spots will go to the contestants who have earned the Beat the House Facebook Page the most likes. We have already awarded one wild card. See the Beat the House official rules page for all of the details and specific rule changes.