Batman Shows Us How to Pick Up Girls (Video)

Every woman in Gotham City knows Bruce Wayne is a multi-millionaire. The heir to Wayne Industries has no problem picking up women. It is a different case for his alter ego Batman. Not only does Batman not have Bruce Wayne’s celebrity, chicks cannot tell what he looks like beneath the cloak and hood.

Making Batman’s task more difficult is Batman’s well-documented history of mental illness. Batman was committed for a while to the The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, otherwise known as Arkham Asylum. In this video you can clearly see Batman may be due for another extended vacation. He can be seen raging across a college campus requesting “butt sex” from foreign exchange students.

I do not know if it is advised to use any of The Dark Knight’s pick up moves. Though, he does secure the digits from more than one coed. Enjoy.