Anne Hathaway Goes Commando at Les Misérables Premiere (PICS)

The Dark Knight Rises actress Anne Hathaway let the cat out of the bag exiting a car at the Les Misérables premiere. The flash was fitting seeing Les Misérables is one of the few films Anne Hathaway has not appeared nude in of late. Anne made her naked debut in the film Havoc. Since then it is rare for the Princess Diaries star to make it through a film with her clothes on.

Even with all of Anne Hathaway’s nude work, this commando crotch shot is the first time we have seen Anne’s baby-maker. Mr. Skin lists Anne Hathaway as showing her butt and breasts in multiple films, this is the first time we have seen it all.  You can check out the unedited upskirt shots of Anne Hathaway here or click the photo below for the uncensored pic.

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