Sales of Kid’s Bulletproof Backpacks Soar in Wake of Newtown Massacre

The Newtown tragedy without a doubt has affected our nation in many ways. Capitol Hill is abuzz with talk of new gun legislation  Petitions for handgun permits are being requested at a record pace. Gun shops and dealers are reporting record sales since the news of the shooting.

Yet another company that is having a boom in sales since the Newtown shooting is Salt Lake City’s Amendment II. Amendment II is a company that manufactures lightweight body armor for military and law enforcement. They also have a line of body armor for children.

The company has seen three times their typical monthly orders in the week following the massacre in Newtown. There are three Amendment II backpack models available for kids – Disney Princess, The Avengers and a gender-neutral SwissGear backpack marketed for teens.

Amendment II is not the only player in this game.  Bullet Blocker, based in the very gun prohibitive state of Massachusetts manufactures “My Child’s Pack”. Just north of Bullet Blocker in the gun friendly New Hampshire, Black Dragon Tactical manufacture a bulletproof insert for your child’s backpack.

Most of these personal protection products retail for $175 – $500. It is a shame that these products even exist in our society. Never the less – it is better for your child to have one of these backpacks and not need it, than need it and not have it.