Miley Cyrus Sex Photo Hits the Web (PIC)

Miley Cyrus has been the queen of the near nip slip and side-boob since she has turned 18. The star has tight-roped the nudity line fairly well. Although these pictures that have hit the web do not show the actress nude, they do show a woman reported as being Miley Cyrus, performing oral sex.

The photo appears on the site with no explanation of origin just the title “miley cyrus bj pic real or fake?” on their site. is not a “fakes” or satire site so we are guessing the pic is real or quite possibly a look-alike.


There has been no response from Miley Cyrus or her people and news of this photo hasn’t hit the mainstream press yet. Therefore, time will eventually tell the story behind this storyless pic. Until then, here is the uncensored Miley Cyrus sex photo.

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