Chad Ochocinco Sextape Gets Leaked to the Web (Video)

I am guessing Chad Ochocinco Johnson has given up on the idea of ever playing football again. Surprisingly, in a desperate 16th minute of fame move – a sextape of the journeyman wide receiver has been leaked. These are among the lamest “leaked” pictures to hit the net, worse than Snooki’s redacted nude photos.

The pictures show Chad and some woman who is definitely not Evelyn Lozada drilling away doggie style. The woman’s breasts are covered by a bra and the genitals are digitally blurred. If they are having sex you couldn’t even tell.

I think this is Chad trying to get a buzz going to revitalize his now dead reality TV career. His football days are over, this could be the only way for the self-appointed Hall of Famer to make some bank.

The thing is Chad, the sex tape is as mediocre as your football career. The Rex and Michelle Ryan sex pics blow yours away.  Time to step up your game if you are looking to get into the Reality TV Hall of Fame. It may be time for you to leak a uncensored Evelyn Lozada sextape or at least some naked pics.

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