Rihanna Caught Nude, Changing Out of Her Bikini by Paparazzi (PICS)

Pop sensation Rihanna has spent quite a bit of time lately, trotting around in various bikinis, showing off her famous body. Recently, while in her native country of Barbados, the paparazzi caught her in the act of a bikini change. As you can see below, Rihanna was caught with more than just a nip slip this time… we get a full glimpse of boob and then, if that wasn’t enough, she turns around and pulls down her bottom.

In two of the shots, which you can see uncensored below, she is look directly at the camera, which leads us to suspect these shots were either planned or she knew exactly what was going on…. and just didn’t care.

You can see Rihanna in all of her nude glory below. Click on any of the cropped images to see the full-size uncensored version:

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