TMR Zoo NFL Beat the House Contest: 2012 – LAST CALL!

This is it, your final chance to win a weekly prize or earn a playoff berth in the 2012 edition of Beat the House, TMR Zoo’s exclusive NFL football pick ’em contest. Four of the wild card playoff berths have already been awarded and the final two will be awarded on Monday to the fans who earned us the most Facebook likes. The other ten playoff spots will be awarded to the members who earned the most correct picks this season.

Currently, only 6 correct picks separates the member at the top of the leader board from the 20th member. Anything can happen in this final week!

We have a few announcements and clarifications to make, so please pay attention, it would really suck to lose out on a playoff spot because you don’t know the rules….

1) First off:
You can’t win if you don’t play. If you are currently in the top ten and forget to enter your picks, you will mostly likely fall out of playoff contention.

2) There will most likely be ties for the final playoff spot. If multiple entrants tie for that spot, ties will be broken in the following order:
– member with the best picks from week 3 (why? it was the hardest week to pick in 2012)
– member with the best picks from week 17
– member who has been registered the longest

3) Things will be moving very fast after week 17. If you make the playoffs, you will be notified via email AT THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU REGISTERED WITH and given further instructions. If you do not receive the email by end of day Monday, email us via the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page using the email address you registered with. If we do not have your email address on record, we will not even respond to you so you will not know what to do in the playoffs.

4) If you won a prize over the course of the 2012 season and did not receive an email, again, Contact Us! We send notifications to THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU REGISTERED WITH, if you never saw it, it could have been filtered so please let us know if you were specifically named the winner of one of the previous weeks. If you registered with an email address you do not check or you forget, just leave now.

5) The winner of week 16, after tie-breakers, was Waruikaze… who has not been notified yet, but will most likely be in the playoffs.

6) Playoff results by round will be posted to the site.

7) If you have any questions, any questions at all, about the playoffs, please Contact Us and ask them before the playoffs start. Like I said, things will move very fast once the sun sets on the 2012 NFL regular season.

Thank you all once again for a very entertaining season of Beat the House. We will have individual prizes for week 17 so please enter even if you feel you do not have a shot at the playoffs. We will be awarding a custom TMR Zoo beer pong rack as well as a movie prize pack to the week 17 winner.