Brazilian Teen Rebecca Bernardo to Auction off her V Card (Video)

What is starting to look like a cottage industry in Brazil, yet another teen is auctioning off her virginity. Recently Brazilian Catarina Migliorini, reportedly sold her virginity for $780,000. A Japanese businessman was the highest bidder and has yet to claim his prize. Catarina has since received cash for TV appearances and multiple modeling contracts. Including a nude spread for this month’s Playboy.

Rebecca Bernardo is selling her virginity to pay for her mother’s medical bills. A Brazilian TV station has offered to pay those bills; still the auction has not been canceled. Some fear these virgin auctions not only taint the image of their country, but could also lure other teenage girls to fast cash.


Rebecca Bernardo posted a chaste video on YouTube announcing her auction which to date is up to $35, 000 USD. Catarina Migliorini pulled in the big bucks with videos and pictures of herself in bikinis and topless frolicking on a Brazilian beach. Smart money says Rebecca Bernardo will have to “get naked to make it”.

Maybe virgins will soon replace soybeans as Brazil’s major export. At $700,00 per virgin this trend will not stop anytime soon. Someone needs to get Dennis Hoff at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada on the phone with Ebay. eHyman – Expedited shipping available, Returns: Not accepted.

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