NFL Beat the House Contest: Playoffs – Wildcard Round 1 Results

The margin for error in the NFL Playoffs is very narrow with the best teams in the league playing each other in single elimination fashion. Such was the case in the first round of the 2012 Beat the House Contest Playoffs as well. In fact, the margin for error was ZERO as half of the field of 16 had all four games picked correctly. The remaining eight had one or more incorrect picks, so they have not made the cut into the second round.

Remember, the last contestant left standing wins a kegerator from

The contestants who made the first cut by picking all four games correctly are:

waruikaze, ballfan, rize, C_hawkfan, rokell04, rokdaddy2k, slaydawg and jerryd

No tie-breakers were necessary for this round since exactly half of the field picked the Houston Texans, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks to win. The divisional Round of the NFL playoffs (round 2) will eliminate half the field again.

To the eight playoff contestants who didn’t pick correctly, thanks, but this is the end of the road for you. You finished in the top 16 out of a field of thousands, excellent work.

As for the Elite Eight, you will be emailed with further instructions.

Thanks again for participating in the 2012 of TMR Zoo’s Beat the House. Participation was off the charts this year. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the 2012 NFL Playoffs