Tiger Woods’ Ex Elin Nordegren Sports a Bikini in the Bahamas (PICS)

The metal band Steel Panther penned the lyrics “If you wanna be like Tiger Woods filling all the divots in the neighborhood. Don’t think about those three foot putts and cover your tracks when you’re banging them sluts.” If only Tiger Woods had taken Steel Panther’s advice, he would still be laying the wood to Elin Nordegren. As you can see from these beach picks the ex-Mrs. Woods is still slamming. If only this was a nude beach.

Elin Nordegren was a model prior to meeting Tiger back in the day. This topless picture of Elin Nordegren is a testament to her glory days in front of the camera. Elin looks ten times better than any of the dozens of porn stars and skanky women Woods was banging. It makes you wonder what was going through his mind.

With her multi-million dollar divorce settlement, Elin Nordegren is now in early retirement. Retired from what? Retired from banging a goofy golfer with premature baldness and immature sexual tendencies. If you want to see some more celebrity news and skin, be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions here.

“If you wanna be like Tiger Woods fertilizing ladies in the neighborhood. Get real rich and you will find all the hot chicks will want to grind.”