Rick’s Cabaret Girls Comment on NY Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan (PICS)

Rex Ryan was one of the first names to come up when discussing NFL coaches who could possibly lose their job at season’s end. Well… Black Monday came and went, and Rex is still the head coach of the New York Jets.

Shortly after, Rex Ryan was photographed on vacation sporting a tattoo that appeared to be his wife, in a sexy pose, sporting a Mark Sanchez jersey. Ryan shrugged off all questions about the ink and left reporters guessing about its authenticity.

A select group of fans have both openly endorsed and criticized Rex Ryan’s continuing employment with the New York Jets… the girls of Rick’s Cabaret in New York City. The girls are just as qualified as anyone else to comment on NFL football… “So many players hang out here, we know what’s going on in the NFL,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Veronica, “In fact, we probably know a lot of secrets too!”

“The Jets were bad this year, but Coach Rex Ryan promised a fresh start for the team, and I believe him,” said Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Tiara. “It’s like when I got my new 34D’s,” explained the statuesque auburn haired beauty. “It was the beginning of a whole new exciting way of life for me. It’s great!”

Other Rick’s Cabaret Girls were not so sure about Ryan’s plan for next season. “Mark Sanchez did not get any better as a quarterback–he’s going backwards. That’s a real problem, and Ryan for some reason still believes in him, but I don’t,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kristi. “But I must say that Sanchez is a great looking guy.”

“I don’t think Rex deserves the vote of confidence that he got from Jets owner Woody Johnson,” said Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Monica. “He said he wants the Jets to be a ‘dangerous’ team next year. It does sound better than whatever it was they were this season, but does anyone really know what that means?”

Below are a few of the Rick’s girls supporting their team. Click any thumbnail to see the full-sized image:

The photos above are courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret.

No matter which side of the discussion your opinion may fall, the girls at Rick’s are ready to talk football with you. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next big party or sporting event at Rick’s NYC, check out their webpage at Ricks.com. For some additional goodies, be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions here.