NAMM 2013: EC Custom Shop

EC custom shop opened the workshop for the public on late 2010 after long years of making custom guitar pedals for friends and family in Israel. My name is Eldar Cohen – I’m the owner of the company and a professional guitar player, after having half of my life building and designing pedals for myself I knew that it won’t be too long till i will open my workshop and start selling my products worldwide.

Our company is a 100% hand made workshop for guitar and bass pedals and guitar wiring solutions, we use only the highest quality parts – mostly made in the USA and Germany – some of the companies are Neutrik and C&K. We do all the drilling , silk screen printing , PCB assembling and hand wiring by our self – all with great passion and love. For the past year we presented our 5 types of pedals – by that building our nice EC Pedals line which include 2 distortion pedals, fuzz for bass , overdrive pedal and compressor pedal.

This year we proudly present on NAMM 13’ – 2 new pedals for the line as well a professional switching system which we worked on and developed for the past year, more than that we plan to renew some of our original line pedals to a newer versions that will feature new silk screen printing designs and battery operation option.

As a part from that we always work hard on publishing the company, starting from guitar magazines, guitar pedals blogs and YouTube demos that will ensure the costumers the good review for purchasing our products with condence.

Currently we have resellers from USA – UK – Japan – France – Germany – Italy – Israel , hopefully we will expand more in 2013 to more countries and will focus mainly on the USA costumers as we have good percent’s for dealers on our products. As we grow a lot this last year we will be able to lower our prices on the new designs and new products on 2013.