Divisional Round Sunday 2012 Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

Here we go, I am a genius, Denver has no chance to cover that 9 point spread, but I bought them down to -6.5 and they have a 7 point lead, 3rd best pass defense, 70 yards to spare, 38 seconds left and the Ravens have no timeouts ….. they didn’t need them… boom! 70 yard pass and the game is tied … that is ok. There are 30 seconds left and Peyton Manning can step up and… take a knee… What ? Broncos lose in over time and lose the the spread!

That brings us to 4-3 and up 5.1 units because the Over was locked up at about halftime for the 49ers/Packers. Today we will find out who the last two teams to make their Conference Championship. I can gloat a bit because the last three teams standing in the AFC  were all teams selected in my Bold prediction before the season began. Let’s keep things rolling! 

Seahawks @ Falcons (-3): The hot handed young mobile QB vs the great regular season QB  who just can not seem to win when it matters … this sounds quite familiar, but we must remember that football is a team game. You can expect Seattle to run the ball and try and keep the Matt Ryan off the field. The trouble with the Atlanta is receivers is they are not quick, they are sudden. In all due respect to the Seahawks, I am not sure they are in this game if RG3 doesnt get hurt. That being said, I give a strong advantage in the defense to the Seahawks, they also have a much more efficient rushing game. This is a passing league though. Atlanta will do just enough on defense and rushing to complement their passing game. I think Atlanta squeaks by! Falcons -3 +100 (3 units)

Texans @ Patriots (-9.5): You remember 2007… the Patriots went undefeated and lost to the Giants in the Superbowl ? Well the Patriots only have one double digit playoff victory since then …. to be fair… they have only had two playoff wins since then, both were last year. The Patriots crushed the Tebow led Broncos, and then got lucky twice vs the Ravens, once on the dropped pass, the other on the missed FG. The point is, maybe the Patriots are not who we thought they were. The Texans however, probably had one of the least impressive playoff victories last week. The dominated most of the game, but the Bengals still had a chance to take the lead late in the game. I think if Brady and Co get rolling, then the Texans are going to have to take some shots. If I had to pick a winner … it would be the the Patriots… but we could be surprised. Let’s take a shot here… Patriots -13.5 +153 (2 Units)

Good luck, enjoy the games and let’s get ready for the Conference Championship games!