Bully Ray’s Bachelor Party Will Be at Rick’s Cabaret the Night Before He Marries Brooke Hogan

Bully Ray, from TNA Impact Wrestling, proposed to Brooke Hogan on Spike TV’s “Impact Wrestling” Show last Thursday night. Yes, the daughter of wrestling legend Hull Hogan… THAT Brooke. Despite daddy’s objection, Brooke accepted and the two will wed on Spike TV’s “Impact Wrestling” live show this Thursday night, January 17th.

Several of Bully Ray’s colleagues are throwing him a bachelor party Wednesday night, the night before the wedding, at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City. The guest list has some pretty high-profile names in the wrestling, sports and music industries on it.

Hulk Hogan, who disapproves of the wedding, was invited to the bachelor party, and it remains to be seen if he will show up.

Of course, our favorite girls in their “industry”, the girls of Rick’s Cabaret NYC, are just as excited as the guys for Wednesday night’s party…

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Mandy said, “We love all the pro athletes, it will be an awesome party with non-stop lap dances!”

“We’ve had a lot of celebrity bachelor parties here at Rick’s,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alexandra, “including one for a famous TV star that we just had during the afternoon. It was fun. We have the best girls and so we have the best customers,” she cooed.

The photos below, which include the groom-to-be and his future father-in-law, were taken at a previous wrestling-related event at Rick’s Cabaret NYC:

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