‘NHL Center Ice’ Returns to Digital Cable on 1/19 with A 13-Day Free Preview

The NHL is set to resume this weekend to drop the puck for the 2012-2013 Season. That means “NHL Center Ice” also return to most cable providers. To celebrate the start of the season, the NHL and iN Demand have announced that digital cable customers will receive a free preview from Jan. 19 through Jan. 31.

With NHL Center Ice, digital cable customers can check out up to 40 live out-of-market NHL games every week across 14 channels. The out-of-market subscription package is perfect for fans who live away from their favorite teams, for fantasy players, or those who don’t want to miss a minute of action from across the league.

NHL Center Ice on cable free package enhancements this season includes:

MULTI-SCREEN MOSAIC: The popular rotating mosaic of multiple screens that shows all the live action games being played around the league, along with score, time clock and channel location is back for another season. The multi-screen mosaic can be found on the “Game 14” channel of the system’s package lineup.

SAME DAY REPLAYS: Each live game is re-aired beginning approximately one hour after live play ends so that fans can see games they might have missed. Each game will replay in its entirety, repeated continuously overnight and the next day, on the same channel, until the following day’s live games begin.

DUAL FEED TELECASTS: Whenever possible, iN DEMAND delivers both the home and visiting team broadcasts of the same game so that fans can choose which telecast and home-team announcers they want to watch.

STAT CHANNEL: NHL CENTER ICE EXTRA™: A live source for scores, statistics, game previews, game recaps and schedule information. This can be found on the “Game 13” channel of the system’s package lineup.

HD GAMES: The package also offers many games each week in high definition. HD availability varies by system.

More information about NHL Center Ice is available at www.gethockey.com or www.nhl.com/centerice.