Mel Kiper Jr. Does Not Believe a QB Will be Selected in the First Round of the 2013 NFL Draft

On Wednesday, Mel Kiper Jr released his first Mock Draft for the 2013 NFL Draft. The biggest surprise was that the most coveted position, in all of football, was not making an appearance in the first round. This may come as a surprise considering four rookie QBs have led their team to the playoffs this year and one will play this weekend for a chance at the Superbowl. To be fair, Tim Tebow could have been the starter for the 49ers and they would have still made the playoffs, but I digress…

Kiper Jr. took to a conference call (attended by TMR Zoo) shortly after posting his mock draft so that he could clear things up a bit. Kiper Jr.states that there are quarterbacks who are coveted by teams with the first seven or eight picks, no team after that is in need of a QB. He feels that the QBs will most likely fall into the second round. There is always a chance that a good showing in the combine and on their pro days, a few QBs could make some teams change their mind.

“I couldn’t put a first round quarterback in because I could,’t get one in the first even or eight and no one else needs one.” Kiper Jr said. “Now in the back end of the first round, maybe you’ll see a team move up to the late 20’s for Mike Glennon, Geno Smith or Matt Barkley.”

Mel Kiper Jr was especially high on the 6’5″ Matt Glennon, QB from NC State. He compared him to Matt Ryan and said Glennon was one of the reasons N.C. State didn’t mind letting Russell Wilson leave for Wisconsin. Kiper Jr feels that Glennon’s lack of productivity was not his fault, but rather NC States lack of talent at the Wide Receiver position. There were way to many drops on good passes. Kiper Jr also added that he Glennon has great field vision, pocket mobility and can throw a great ball. Glennon can help his case over the next few months and find himself sneaking into the mid-to-late first round.