Superbowl XLVII Prop Betting Guide – Odds and Predictions

This is it. One last, final last game to bet on. The bad news is, you have to wait MONTHS to bet on another NFL game. The good news is, there are hundreds of things that you can bet on in tonights game. If you don’t know who will cover the spread, no problem, you can bet on how long the National Anthem will last (Over/Under 125 seconds) or how man times “Harbaugh” Will be said (Over/Under 20.5) during the course of the game.

These bets are fun and make the games interesting, but they cost the average person money. Las Vegas and other off-shore books make a killing on these props because it is hard to predict and on some of them there are many options, i.e Which player will get the first holding penalty called on them. 

That doesn’t stop us from betting though. The Superbowl is fun, but it is even funner when you have money on what color the Gatorade, that gets dumped on  the coach. is gonna be. (Yellow +250 would be my guess) Lets take a look at a few SuperBowl props worth throwing a few bucks on.

Jay Z joins Beyonce on stage during Halftime Show 

Jay Z Appears on Stage    -180

Jay Z does not appear on stage +140 

This is one of those tricky ones. I think Jay Z will appear on stage with Justin Timberlake. Jay Z appears on Justin’s new single, so it would seem logical. There is one thing that I am going to go out a limb and say. Next years Super Bowl is being held in New York (Well East Rutherford New Jersey, close enough) I think Jay Z has his sights set on performing that halftime and will not be joining Beyonce tonight. Jay Z does not appear on stage +140 

Total Sacks in the game

Over 4.5 +125

Under 4.5 -155 

When you think Superbowl XLVII You think about the Baltimore Ravens. When you think about the Baltimore Ravens, you think about Ray Lewis. When You think about Ray Lewis, you think about great defense (and homicide). When you think about great defense, you think about quarterback sacks. When you think about quaterback sacks, you bet Over 4.5 sacks in the Superbowl! DON’T BET OVER 4.5 SACKS IN THE SUPERBOWL. Between the 5 total playoff games these two teams have played, the highest about of Sacks recorded was 4. Both of these teams have great offensive lines. Kaepnerick has only been sacked twice in these playoffs and the 49ers defense has only recorded two sacks these playoffs. Under 4.5 -155 

Total Punts in the game

Under 9.5 -130

Over 9.5 +110

This is another interesting one. Both games the 49ers have played in these playoffs have been under 9.5 punts, the game vs the Falcons only had 5, the shoot out vs the Packers had 7. The Ravens have been a different story. There were 12 punts in the AFC Championship game. 13 in the game vs Denver (3 of them were in OT)  and 8 punts in the game vs the Colts. I think they play it a bit conservative. There will be some deep balls thrown, but there will be 10 punts. Over 9.5 +110

Superbowl MVP thanks first

God or any other religious figure   +120

Nobody                                             +140

One or more teammates                 +240

Fans                                                   +850

Family Member                                +1200

One or More Coaches                      +1300

Past or current team owner           +2000

Himself                                              +6500 

As much as I would love to hear the MVP thank himself (Maybe  Randy Moss would?), it is sadly not going to happen. Ray Lewis would be a lock for thanking God if he won, but why settle for +120 when you can get him at +650. He was the MVP last time they won it. I think this one is going to go to the teammates. I won this bet a few years ago when Arron Rodgers said he couldn’t have done it with out the guys around him. That was apparently enough for the books to give it to the teamates, so I am going to bet against Ray Lewis winning it and go with One or more teammates  +240

That is is for now. Check back in a  few hours to see my complete write up for the Superbowl including who I think is going to win. Enjoy, and if you are going to order food for the game, you should have called it in by now!