Gear and Gadget Review: The Vizio E-Series Smart HDTV LED TV

I am thrilled to write this review, the Smart HDTV Vizio E60 60 inch LED TV is a powerhouse of a television.

Built for the teckie in mind the TV is rich in features and apps. The Yahoo driven app platform gives the user a host of streaming internet content to enjoy.

Let us start with the picture quality. The Vizio Smart HDTV E60 60 inch LED TV delivers a crisp display with vibrant colors and deep blacks. The 120Hz effective refresh rate and “smooth motion” projects a lifelike picture. Media from Netflix, Xfinity and played via the TV’s USB port all looked stunning.

The Vizio Smart HDTV E60 has Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Crackle build in among other apps. If you are looking to deliver content to the Vizio Smart HDTV E60 via other methods it is more than easy.

The Vizio Smart HDTV E60 is loaded with input options, four HDMI inputs, a component input for you old school folks, a VGA input for your PC and 2 USB ports. The USB ports automatically recognize music, photo, and movie media.  As I said earlier, playing a movie from a thumb drive looked spectacular. Even Netflix delivered from my Motorola Droid via mini HDMI cable looked decent. There is also an ethernet input allowing you to connect to your home network, a lightning fast wireless connection is also an option.

The sound on the Vizio Smart HDTV E60 is not mind-blowing. While it is good enough for sports and TV shows, I found it lacking for concert video and music. There is a companion sound bar available for just under $200, though it really is not necessary. I would imagine anyone buying a 60-inch TV would be pairing it with a home theater system. The Vizio Smart HDTV E60 connects to your theater system via digital audio out (SPDIF) or analog RCA.

The Vizio Smart HDTV E60 is becoming the number one purchased television in America. It is feature rich and smartly priced – I see this TV being a consumer favorite for years to come. For those of you not needing a full 60 inches VIZIO also makes a 55” Class Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D priced at the 60 inch’s $999 pricetag. For those of you needing even more bang for your buck the VIZIO E-Series 70” Class Razor LED Smart TV is available for $ $1,599.99