Florida Couple Mike and Trina are Addicted to Coffee Enemas (Video)

The is the WTF story of the week. We had to share this with you. Married couple Mike and Trina are coffee fanatics. The both love special blends and espressos.

While Trina likes her brown nectar warm, Mike prefers to take his coffee cold. The something they both agree on is they both prefer to take their coffee in the butt. Yes, I said the butt.

Mike and Trina are addicted to coffee enemas. The practice started after Trina was having digestive problems. Still wanting her morning cup of joe Trina started giving herself coffee enemas. Typically Trina will have 4 coffee enemas a day but she has been up to 9 or 10 coffee colon session in a 24 hour period.

Mike said he initially thought, “Oh my god, how disgusting,” but soon got into the ass blasting coffee practice. Check out the video below, you can watch Mike and Trina pump the Columbia nectar where the sun doesn’t shine.

Coffee Enema Video