Mila Kunis Has a Nip Slip During GQ Photoshoot (PIC)

During a recent photo shoot for GQ magazine, actress Mila Kunis suffered a nip slip that was caught by the camera.

Mila Kunis has shot right to the top of the hotness list recently, so all of the popular entertainment magazines want her on their pages. Recently, GQ was one such magazine that shot a sexy spread with Mila, featuring everyone’s favorite picture… the hands over nude nipple shot.

Celeb Jihad is a popular men’s site that features both authentic and “semi-authentic” nude photos and video of popular celebrities. They have features the nip slip photo of Mila Kunis from the GQ photo shoot, as seen below. CJ zoomed in on her right hand and it appears that a happy nipple is peeking out between her thumb and index finger.

This pic seems legit, but we’ll let you figure it out for yourself. You can see the feature over at Celeb Jihad by clicking the image below or the link at the bottom of the page:

Mila Kunis Nip Slip Photo:

Celeb Jihad is not a safe for work site, so enter at your own risk… and, as we mentioned, you have to decide for yourself whether this slip is authentic or not.

Check out the Mila Kunis nip slip at Celeb Jihad by clicking here. You can find everything else Mila at TMR Zoo via this Mila Kunis site search.