Girl Drags Her Friend By The Hair Cave-woman Style After Grammy Party! (Video)

Here at we love World Star Hip Hop we also like a good drunken girl fight. The urban website is a treasure trove of the best urban videos. This time around the video isn’t very urban, it is of two drunk white girls, or as WSHH might call them “Beckys” acting up outside of a Grammy after party at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

What makes this video hilarious is as one girl is dragging the other across the pavement by the hair, the girl being treated like luggage doesn’t seem to mind the treatment. She does request her friend stop, but makes no effort to get away. The drunken “Beckys” even try to catch a cab together in the middle of the girl fight.

I don’t know the inside story on this video but is this is how a chick drags another chick home in Hollywood, that is one rough city. Could this be lesbians going cavewoman style? Despite their skimpy tight outfits surprisingly boobs don’t pop out and the ladies were classy enough to wear panties. So there are no upskirt commando shots or nipple slips in the video. Still, their is enough foul language in this girl fight clip to make it NSFW.

Female Altercation Outside W Hollywood Hotel: Girl Drags Her Friend By The Hair Like Luggage! (After Grammy Party)

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